Do you have something to report relating to wrongdoing, criminal misconduct (including widespread misconduct), dishonesty or fraud in relation to the personal insolvency system or use of the PPSR, and you wish to remain anonymous, then it is possible for you to report your concerns to us as a tip-off.

How to make a tip-off?

Complete the form to make a 'tip-off'.

It is important to provide as much information as possible in the field below when making a tip-off to allow AFSA to properly investigate the matter. If you have any queries or would like to speak to someone about your tip-off please ring 1300 364 785.

Make a tip-off

Further information

Australia has a robust personal insolvency system. The integrity of the data contained on the PPSR and the appropriate access and use of this data is also of great importance. In administering and regulating these systems, AFSA proactively works with stakeholders and members of the public in maintaining high standards of practice. Where you believe these high standards of practice are compromised, we welcome you to contact us with any information you may have.

The dictionary meaning of 'tip-off' is a piece of information given discreetly or confidentially. For the purposes of AFSA’s function, a 'tip-off' is taken to mean a piece of information, whether or not given discreetly or confidentially, that would not ordinarily be considered as part of AFSA’s role in relation to making complaints or reporting alleged offences and is important in AFSA’s role in administering the bankruptcy system and the operation of the PPSR. For example, you may have information regarding potential fraud being committed by a practitioner, bankrupt or creditor across one or several administrations, or information about an individual using PPSR data in a fraudulent manner for financial gain.