Inspector-General Practice Directions

IGPD1: Independence of personal insolvency practitioners
Released June 2017; updated June 2017.

IGPD2: Collection of realisations and interest charges
Released November 2012; updated May 2015.

IGPD3: What constitutes an expense recoverable in a debt agreement by an administrator
Released December 2010; updated August 2013.

IGPD6: Remuneration entitlements of a registered bankruptcy trustee
Released December 2010; March 2017.

IGPD8: Eligibility requirements for controlling trustees
Released October 2009; updated August 2013.

IGPD9: Standards for trustees and controlling trustees
Released December 2009; updated March 2017.

IGPD10: Treatment of secured creditors in a Part IX debt agreement
Released August 2010; updated August 2013.

IGPD11: Trustees' guidelines for issuing objections to discharge when statements of affairs not yet filed
Released September 2009; updated March 2017.

IGPD12: Controlling trustees' roles and duties
Released December 2011; updated August 2013. Formerly named IGPD12.2.

IGPD13: Debt agreement administrators' guidelines to certification requirements
Released February 2010; updated June 2017.

IGPD14: Proper performance of duties of a bankruptcy trustee
Released March 2010; updated March 2017. 

IGPD15: Debt agreement administrators' guidelines relating to keeping proper accounts
Released December 2010; updated August 2013. Formerly named IGPD15.2.

IGPD16: Guidelines relating to administrators' duty to notify the Official Receiver of 6-month arrears default
Released May 2009; updated August 2013.

IGPD17: Guidelines relating to administrators' duty to notify creditors of 3-month arrears default
Released February 2010; updated August 2013.

IGPD18: Trustee remuneration notifications
Released 2010; updated August 2013.

IGPD20: Guidelines for the payment of monies to the Commonwealth pursuant to Section 254 of the Bankruptcy Act 1966
Released January 2012; updated August 2013.

IGPD21: AFSA website advertising of meetings of creditors
Released July 2011; updated August 2013. Formerly named IGPD21.1.

IGPD22: Effective practitioner communication
Released June 2012; updated March 2017.