How to apply for a job at AFSA

When applying for any job with us please complete and submit an application cover sheet.

The Careers application cover sheet is provided in PDF and WORD format.

When preparing your application, you should:

  • focus on the key duties and essential capabilities referred to in the selection document
  • consider your relevant skills, abilities and experience
  • write in a clear and concise manner
  • be aware of the closing date and how to submit your application
  • ensure your resume is up to date

Work related qualities

Your application will be assessed against the work related qualities outlined in the selection document. You will need to read the selection document and provide a response in accordance with the assessment instructions.

Submitting your application

Applications should be submitted, via email, by the closing date specified in the selection document. Generally, late applications are not accepted, however if there are exceptional circumstances contact the nominated officer to discuss.


  • make contact with nominated contact officer to find out more about the position
  • find out more about what AFSA does through our website
  • use specific language, e.g. 'I formatted and edited the newsletter' instead of 'we produced a newsletter'
  • put your name, position reference number and page number on each page
  • have someone else read your responses, checking for clarity of expression, spelling and grammar.

More information and tips to help you apply for jobs in the Australian Public Service is available on APSC-Cracking the Code.


AFSA may engage or utilise external parties to assist in AFSA recruitment processes.  As part of these processes your application may be disclosed to these parties.  External parties engaged by AFSA are required to comply with the same privacy obligations as they apply to AFSA employees.

For further information about privacy obligations, see our privacy policy.