Personal insolvency statistics

We publish provisional quarterly and annual personal insolvency statistics on bankruptcies, debt agreements and personal insolvency agreements for all states and territories.

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This zip file contains the full set of March quarter 2017 personal insolvency statistics published by AFSA. Associated commentary and charts for March quarter 2017 personal insolvency statistics are drawn exclusively from this data set. Individual links to all tables packaged in the zip file are provided on this page.

Quarterly statistics: March quarter 2017

Provisional personal insolvency activity March quarter 2017
State / territory Bankruptcies
(Parts IV and XI)
Debt agreements
(Part IX)
Personal insolvency agreements
(Part X)
Total personal insolvency activity
NSW 1,127 1,014 20 2,161
ACT 58 57 3 118
Vic 836 704 21 1,561
Qld 1,295 1,050 22 2,367
SA 305 197 3 505
NT 26 45 3 74
WA 470 441 17 928
Tas 108 76 2 186
Total 4,225 3,584 91 7,900

Note 1: All the above figures refer to personal administrations under the Bankruptcy Act only (and not corporate insolvency).

Graph: Quarterly personal insolvency activity in Australia


Read more about personal insolvency activity in the March quarter 2017: Quarterly statistics commentary.


Annual statistics

We publish annual statistics for personal insolvency, including bankruptcies, debt agreements and personal insolvency agreements.

Release schedule

We publish all statistics release dates in advance.

Further information

For further information about the statistics, see the Guide to personal insolvency statistics.

Verified personal insolvency statistics are available from the AFSA Annual Report. Verified figures are not subject to further revision unless an error is identified.